People protesting a re-routing of the Trans-Canada Highway west of Charlottetown were able to temporarily halt work once again Wednesday morning.

Gail Rhyno, one of the protesters camping in the woods in the path of the new highway, described how a line of protesters stopped a tree harvester heading towards a stand of trees in the Bonshaw Hills that included what are believed to be 200-year-old hemlocks.

"The truck came up and met the line, and since we didn't move, it turned around and left," said Rhyno.

"That's just become, I think, the move they have to make so that they can call the police in."

RCMP told CBC News it has been videotaping the confrontations and documenting who is in the woods. Sgt. Andrew Blackadar said people are warned they are trespassing, and given a copy of the Trespass to Property Act.

Blackadar said if people refuse to move for the officers they are given a summary offence ticket. If protesters return to the site again and continue to cause problems for police they will face criminal charges likely.

RCMP were at the site Wednesday, but have not removed or charged anyone yet.

There were three tree harvesters on the property, Wednesday.