Peter Meggs

Cornwall Councillor Peter Meggs hopes new proposal will save transit (CBC)

Cornwall officials say they have a proposal from Charlottetown and Stratford to keep the buses running in the town.

Transit service in Cornwall is scheduled to end on June 27. Cornwall council voted in December to end its contract for the service, citing costs and the limited number of people using it.

Town officials have refused to give the details of the new proposal until council has a chance to discuss it in private. That's expected to happen next week. 

Peter Meggs, a councillor who supports keeping a transit service in the town, said he hopes the proposal will convince some other councillors to change their positions.

"I'm interested in anything that would keep bus service alive in the town of Cornwall," said Meggs."So you know if there are different proposals that people are coming forward with, especially our partners in the capital region, then by all means I am most willing to listen to what it might be." 

"It might mean a modified version of what we have now or it might keep the contract alive in a different form. I think we have got to look at all possibilities."

Meggs says the issue of transit in the town will likely be front and centre during the municipal election this fall.

Deputy mayor Corey Frizzell and councillor Marlene Hunt say they will be running for the top job.

Hunt has been a supporter of a bus service.

Frizzell outlines his platform Thursday evening.