Propane took a big jump in price on P.E.I. overnight Tuesday, while other petroleum products on the Island actually saw their prices cut.

The Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission increased the cost of propane by 8 cents a litre, setting it between $1.004 to $1.019 for bulk delivery.

The news was good, however, for users of other petroleum products. Gas is down 2.2 cents per litre to between $1.31 and $1.321 per litre for regular, self-serve. Diesel is down 2.3 cents to $1.48 to $1.491.

Heating oil prices dropped 2.0 cents per litre to $1.133.

Production and transportation problems combined to increase the cost of propane, said IRAC in a news release.

There were storms that closed the Come-By-Chance refinery in Newfoundland, problems with the Sable Island gas platforms, and a disruption in rail shipments. All combined to increase the propane price.