Olive Crane approaches the podium to make her statement on accountability. (CBC)

P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Leader Olive Crane is promising more accountability in government if her party is elected to lead Prince Edward Island on Oct. 3.

The writ to officially launch the election campaign was dropped Tuesday afternoon.

At a news conference earlier in the day, Crane accused the ruling Liberals of benefiting their political friends while in office.

"We will make decisions that will benefit all Islanders, and we will be accountable, transparent and fair," she said.

If elected premier Crane says her government will carry out a full audit of wasteful spending within her 120 days of the election. That audit would include a review the Provincial Nominee Program, which saw businesses owned by MLAs and senior civil servants benefit from immigrant investor money.

Crane also promised whistle-blower legislation within six months of coming into office.

"Often in the role of opposition you get to hear from many people that are civil servants or work for the public service," she said.

"There's a lot of stress on them. Especially, they want to know that their job will be protected if they do the right thing by disclosing something that they feel's not right."

A steep hill

A poll released Tuesday by Corporate Research Associates shows the Tories have a lot of work to do. Their support is down, while the Liberal position has improved.

"It's not the pollsters that get to determine elections, it's individual Islanders," said Crane.

"We have 27 exceptional, good candidates. We are working really hard for the people and in the end they will decide."

Crane said those candidates will be spending a lot of time on Islanders' doorsteps and in their kitchens in the coming weeks to deliver her party's message.