The Red Cross is assessing the effectiveness of its Restoring Family Links program. The international program tries to find missing or displaced relatives of newcomers.

Volunteers with the Red Cross are holding focus groups on P.E.I. this week.

"We're working directly with organizations that deal with newcomers to get a really good understanding of their level of awareness of the program and if their perception is that it is meeting needs or if there are some challenges with it," said Bill Lawlor, director of disaster management with the Red Cross.

"We're also working with newcomers directly to determine, you know, have they had any challenges, are they aware of the services that are available to them."

Lawlor said in the past they haven't been able to provide this service full-time.

The program is entirely volunteer-run. If the focus groups say there's a need for it, the Red Cross hopes to allocate more resources to the program.