As spring nears, we'll be seeing more and more wildlife coming out to play. Island photographers have been able to capture some fantastic close-ups of wildlife around P.E.I. this week.


A pretty shade of blue jay. (Submitted by Lisa Gaudet)


Check out these big eyes! (Submitted by Lisa Gaudet)


A fox making tracks at the P.E.I. National Park. (Submitted by Farley Corbett)


Bald eagles on guard. (Submitted by Tamsyn Cosh MacKenzie)

bird hungry

Hungry? (Submitted by Sherla Mac Neill)


This little climber in Charlottetown made it to the top of the bird feeder! (Submitted by Joan Fleming )


This woodpecker is filling up on suet in Charlottetown. (Submitted by Joan Fleming)


A chickadee having dinner in Cornwall, P.E.I. (Submitted by Ada MacLean)

Black fox

This guy visits the MacKays every day to sleep on their deck in Charlottetown. (Submitted by Loanne MacKay)


What looks like a young eagle resting on the ice off the Charlottetown Yacht Club. (Submitted by Carol Carson)


A beautiful close-up of a friendly and hungry little bird! (Submitted by Teri Morris)

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