Prince Charles, Camilla honoured with concert in P.E.I.

Prince Edward Island marked the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla in Charlottetown with a concert at Province House Monday evening.

Prince Edward Island part of four-day Canadian royal tour

Prince Charles and Camilla are greeted by admirers as they arrive at a concert in their honour in Charlottetown. 5:44

Prince Edward Island marked the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, in Charlottetown with an evening concert at Province House.

The royal couple arrived on P.E.I. shortly after 6:30 p.m. AT Monday, running a little late after a visit to Nova Scotia.

The royal couple was greeted by Island politicians, with a special place in the receiving line for Cameron Gordon. Gordon, a basketball player at Birchwood Intermediate School in Charlottetown who has Down Syndrome and became a minor celebrity after a video of him scoring his first basket was posted to YouTube.

Charles and Camilla took a short rest before arriving at the concert at about 8:30 p.m.

The Province House concert featured all-P.E.I. talent, including Tim Chaisson, Catherine MacLellan, Paper Lions and
Prince Charles is greeted at Charlottetown Airport. (Pat Faller/CBC)
The Meds. There was also a tribute to P.E.I. singer AngeleArsenault. Arsenault, who died in February, was credited with bringing Acadian music to the world.

Non-musical acts included an appearance by actor Wade Lynch performing a sketch dressed as the Queen, a performance of I am an Islander, by comedian Patrick Ledwell and a reading of the Mi'kmaq creation myth by aboriginal poet Julie Pellissier-Lush.

An actress playing Anne of Green Gables also made an appearance. The Duchess of Cornwall wore an amethyst-coloured coat Monday evening in honour of the fictional heroine and her favourite stone.

4-day tour started in Nova Scotia

The royal couple's day began in Nova Scotia. They had arrived in Halifax the night before to begin a four-day tour of Canada.

Halifax events included time at the Seaport Farmers' Market and a visit to the Canadian Museum of Immigration Pier 21. The couple left Halifax for Pictou, where they toured the Hector Heritage Quay and Museum.

Prince Charles arrives at a concert held in his and Camilla's honour at Province House in Charlottetown. (Stephanie Kelly/CBC)

Charles and Camilla will be back at Charlottetown's Province House Tuesday morning to witness a student model parliament. Following that they will walk next door to the Confederation Centre of the Arts where the prince will make a few remarks.

The couple will split up for much of the day, with Charles visiting Holland College, and Bonshaw Provincial Park. Camilla will visit a seniors' home and a local school. The couple will join together for tea at Cornwall United Church early Tuesday afternoon.

The couple leaves Charlottetown for Winnipeg Tuesday afternoon.