A Charlottetown woman is getting good feedback from the city to her suggestion that some parking spaces in the downtown be reserved for pregnant women and parents with young children.

Angela Court knows it can be frustrating for anyone looking to park in downtown Charlottetown beacuse of the lack of spaces. But she said it is especially difficult when struggling to get around late in pregnancy or when you're dealing with a young child.

When she was pregnant, and now that her baby Abigail is becoming a toddler, she's all but given up shopping downtown.

"I think that there's a lot of Island-owned businesses that I would have shopped at in the last year and a half if they had more accessible parking for little ones and pregnant people," said Court.


Charlottetown Coun. Cecil Villard likes the idea of pink parking spaces. (CBC)

So she's written Charlottetown Council suggesting there be pink spaces, like those at the local mall, for expecting moms and parents with babies.

"I don't think it's a right, I think it's a customer service initiative," she says. "I think it's a way to welcome the new little Islanders to Charlottetown for shopping."  Court says her idea is that the pink paces would still be metered. She expects they'd work on an honour system, and not be strictly enforced like the blue parking spaces for those with disabilities.

Coun. Cecil Villard is the vice-chair of the city's police committee. He likes the idea.

"I think that obviously we do make accommodation for the disabled," said Villard.

"For expectant mothers, who often have some of the same struggles, I expect, I think that would be a very nice accommodation to make. I would fully support it." Villard adds, he will take the proposal to the next meeting of the city's police committee. He expects the committee will endorse the idea, and it will pass at a vote of Council in May.

"I think one of the issues is the box stores in the outlying areas are putting in pink parking spots," he says. "Expectant mothers are obviously buying a lot of clothes and things they need for small children. They're good shoppers, they spend money, and it would be nice to think that we could have them spend it downtown."

The president of the City's chamber of commerce also likes the idea. Keith Lambe said he will poll his members to see what they think. He believes the chamber will likely join the lobby to paint at least some of the city pink.

Villard says that could happen as early as May.