The P.E.I. government has missed a target to release a discussion paper for reducing poverty in the province.


Social Services Minister Janice Sherry expects to have a poverty reduction discussion paper ready later this year. ((CBC))

The Ghiz government had promised in the throne speech in November to release a poverty reduction discussion paper early in 2011. In the throne speech the government expressed concern that people living in poverty are often left behind as economies move from recession to recovery.

"As the world moves beyond recession, we must guard against this risk in our 'One Island Community'," the speech read.

Social Services Minister Janice Sherry told CBC News the process of putting together the discussion paper has been slower than expected.

"We have brought some ideas and steps to policy to our policy board," said Sherry.

"They've looked at it and now what we're doing is meeting with stakeholders to get input at that level."

Sherry says once that work is done then a discussion paper will be prepared. That will happen later this year. Islanders will have a chance to make comments on the paper, and then government will take that further information to come up with a strategy.