P.E.I. potato farmers are wrapping up their harvest, and are expecting good results.

The harvest is about a week ahead of schedule due to the good weather in September and October. The good weather also means an easier harvest, less damage to the potatoes, and a higher quality crop.

Ray Keenan, chair of the United Potato Growers of Canada, said farmers don't know exactly what prices will be this year, but there is an increase in demand, which is a good sign.

"That's across North America and the world because the supply is much shorter in Europe as it was a year ago," said Keenan.

"Belgium, has less potatoes, which is a main supplier of processing potatoes, and certainly Russia now is coming on quite strong with inquiries, as we understand that their crop has been greatly affected by the weather conditions."

Keenan said Island farmers will have a better idea of prices by the end of November.