The hot, dry summer continues to take a toll on the Island potato crop and yields for some varieties are expected to be down 25 per cent.

"It is serious. But we're not desperate yet I guess is the best way to put it," said Gary Linkletter, chair of the P.E.I. Potato Board.

He said the eastern part of the province was very dry earlier in the summer, and some crops dried up completely.

"In the Summerside area and farther west as well, we had some rain earlier on and the plants got off to a great start. But now they have gotten dry," he said.

"The last week was the week that we took some damage. We have seen a number of fields starting to turn significantly yellow."

The Island is in the midst of the driest growing season since 2000, and potato farmers say they need a solid and steady rain to save this year's crop.

There is rain in the forecast for Friday.

Linkletter says 50 millimetres over a 24-hour period would make a real difference in some of the later varieties.