Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea is calling on the Island's Liberal MPs to explain their support for legalizing marijuana.

Last week Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said he supports legalization and admitted he smoked marijuana about three years ago, after becoming an MP.

CBC News asked the 3 Liberal MPs whether they have ever smoked pot:

Malpeque MP Wayne Easter:

"Yes I tried it once about probably 40, 45 years ago now and once what enough for me."

Charlottetown MP Sean Casey:

"I did as a teenager, I tried it couple of times. I didn't like it, I was never a smoker and I hacked and coughed so much it didn't do anything for me, quite frankly."

Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay:

"I have never smoked marijuana ... Well I guess down in Magel it was hard to find. I didn't know much about it back then."

Charlottetown Liberal MP Sean Casey said Trudeau had no choice but to answer the question, when he was asked. The other two Liberal MPs on P.E.I. — Cardigan MP Lawrence MacAulay and Malpeque MP Wayne Easter — also said they support their leader's stand on legalizing marijuana."

But the Egmont Conservative MP said Trudeau has taken a reckless stand on the issue one that raises questions over his judgement.

"I was really, really disappointed that veteran MPs like Wayne Easter and Lawrence MacAulay [are] coming out and supporting the legalization of marijuana," Shea said.

"I have heard a lot from my constituents since the statement was first made and I've heard it from quite a few supporters of the Liberal Party who are not happy with this statement either."

Shea told CBC she has never used marijuana and does not intend to in the future.