Doug Currie, legislature

Health Minister Doug Currie agreed post-partum depression is a serious issue. (Province of P.E.I.)

P.E.I. women need an easier way to get help when they have post-partum depression, says a woman who suffered from the condition.

Lisa Carmody-Doiron said she became frustrated trying to get help when she needed it, starting with her doctor.

"I started calling individuals who I know work in the mental health field, just trying to get the right person, and about five tries in I thought, I'm too tired to do this. This should be easier," said Carmody-Doiron.

"There should be an easy access point. And that's what I want them to create for women."

Carmody-Doiron moved to the political arena, writing to several MLAs and party leaders.

Independent Progressive Conservative MLA Olive Crane took those concerns to the floor of Province House Thursday. She asked Health Minister Doug Currie if he would agree to meet with a group of women concerned about this issue. She suggested she attend the meeting herself, and that Chief Mental Health and Addictions Officer Dr. Rhonda Matters also be invited.

Crane said one woman was told by her doctor to consult the yellow pages for a counsellor. Currie responded positively to the suggestion.

"It's a very serious issue, an issue I would certainly encourage and welcome a conversion with the group of ladies that the member from Morell-Mermaid would like to organize," said Currie.

"We can arrange a meeting with Dr. Rhonda Matters to get to the heart of the concerns."

Currie said the province is looking at a new assessment tool for frontline health professionals.