P.E.I. hog producers are about to launch Porktoberfest, a campaign that encourages Islanders to eat sausages made with Island pork at a variety of local restaurants throughout the month of October.

Restaurants across the Island will compete in an attempt to make the tastiest sausage. Votes will be tabulated at the end of the month and a winner will be declared.   

Tim Seeber, manager of the P.E.I. Hog Marketing Board, said the time has come to support Island pork.  

"The pork industry has never really done a promotion in terms of raising the awareness for local pork and for the industry in the province," said Seeber.   

"The beef industry has put forward a campaign the last two years called Burger Love, which has spiked a lot of interest and it was just felt that the pork industry had the opportunity to do the same and we are going to give it a try."  

Seeber said there are 24 hog producers taking part in the promotion. 

The campaign officially launches on Monday.