Cornwall residents at town council meeting. (Brendan Elliott/CBC)

The water pressure in Cornwall, P.E.I. is so bad people there say it's next to impossible to take a shower.

Wednesday night's town council meeting was packed with frustrated citizens. Most of the affected areas are near Eliot River School and Eliot Park.

Homeowners like Eric Goodwin wanted to know what council plans to do about it. He has lived in Eliot Park for 35 years.

"What would be very helpful would be to have some indication of a time frame as to when there may be a decision and an action plan, and tell us that," he said.

"We'll go away and be quiet until that time comes."

Cornwall's utility committee chair, Coun. Irene Dawson, understands the frustration.    "We hear the people, we hear what they're saying, and I'm sure that we will come up with a solution," said Dawson.

She said she can't put a price tag on the fix, but will be asking for money in next month's budget meeting to cover the costs. Once the money is approved, the town will hold an information meeting for residents.