The new Canadian $100 bills will roll out in November. (Bank of Canada)

Charlottetown police are teaming up with the Bank of Canada to help local business owners get ready for the new polymer bank notes.

"The intent is to familiarize business owners [and] front line workers that deal with currency on the leading edge security features that the notes have, how to check them and how to spot counterfeits," said Gary McGuigan, deputy chief of police.

A presentation on the new bills and the security features will be given Tuesday afternoon at Peakes Quay restaurant.

The new $100 bills, made of a new plastic polymer, are harder to fake, recyclable and two to three times more resistant to tearing, the Bank of Canada said.

They come into circulation in November. The front features former prime minister Sir Robert Borden, with a scenes depicting the discovery of insulin on the back.

New $50 notes will begin circulating in March of 2012.