Police are cracking down on the illegal use of ATVs in western P.E.I..

Officers have seized dozens of machines in the last couple of months. The main targets are underage drivers and people using ATVs on public roads.

RCMP, elected officials and the P.E.I. ATV Federation held a public meeting in Alberton Thursday night. Dozens of residents attended.

Cpl. Scott Lundigan said many of the rogue drivers are unsafe and often taunt police.

"We can pursue them, but the problem is the hazard to us, and it's just not worth it to us to chase someone and have them tip that thing over," he said.

Town councillor Natasha Dunn said problem riders are a danger to many people. She said even safe drivers cause a hazard when they venture onto public roads.

"We assume that our kids aren't going out there and driving recklessly. But really, they aren't supposed to be on the roads at all, whether they're being safe or not," she said.  

The president of the P.E.I. ATV Federation said that hurts riders who are lobbying the government for trail access.

"Every time an ATVer does something incorrectly, inappropriate in the eyes of the law, it paints every ATVer in this province with the same paint brush," Greg Myers said.

Drivers too young

Teenagers Liam Jones and Jaden Arthur regularly drove ATVs until last month, when they learned they were too young.

"It sucked because it was a fun thing to do with my buddies," said Jones.

"Most of them are kind of reckless and stuff, but most people that I know around here are not like that," added Arthur.