200 protesters showed up at Province House in Charlottetown on Saturday. (CBC)

People protesting the Trans-Canada Highway realignment project in Bonshaw, P.E.I. say the battle isn't over yet.

On Friday afternoon people who had been camping out all week were removed from the Trans-Canada Highway construction site.

Work crews have since cut down the grove of hemlock trees the protesters were protecting.

In reaction, the protest group held a rally outside of province house and called it the funeral for democracy.

"I think it was a hope of the government in removing the core of this protest that people would lose heart and disappear, but there is no way that's going to happen." said Peter Bevan-Baker, the incoming leader of P.E.I.'s Green Party.

"This is not going away. I think Islanders are going to rise up against our provincial government and are going to say, we've had enough. This is not the kind of government we deserve to have."

200 people showed up at the rally on Saturday. Bevan-Baker says the plan B protest group is spending Sunday re-grouping and are looking for a new place to camp out at the construction site.

He says the group plans to apply for a judicial review of the Trans-Canada Highway plan, as well as an emergency injunction to temporarily stop the construction.