A small group will continue their protest at the Plan B highway construction site in the Bonshaw area during the winter. (CBC)

Protesters of the controversial Plan B Highway realignment project held a benefit concert on Sunday to help raise money to offset their legal costs and expenses.

The P.E.I. Citizens Alliance said besides covering peoples’ trespassing charges the money will also support demonstrators still camped out watching the construction site in Bonshaw.

"We're trying to support the people that put their bodies out there basically," said P.E.I. Citizens Alliance spokesman Chris Ortenburger.

"No one's getting paid anything or anything like that. It's just basically things like firewood, it's Internet and it's reimbursing people who've paid for everything out of pocket."

The concert took place at a theatre in Charlottetown.

"They need the support, I believe in what they stand for," said attendee Charles Russell.

More than a dozen Island musicians played for the audience.

"It's a very small price to come to a concert, or play music at a concert to raise money for their court fees," said musician Teresa Doyle.

Fellow musician Fraser McCallum agreed.

"The people involved, their hearts are in the right places," he said.

Members of the P.E.I. Citizens Alliance said any money left over will go to their organization.

They say the funds will be used to help them protest any non-environmentally friendly projects on the Island.