Close to 1,000 P.E.I. pigs are being flown to China to help start-up two commercial pig operations.

P.E.I. hogs are considered to have good genetics.

The Island has been shipping pigs to China for breeding purposes for about 10 years, but at 950 animals this is one of the larger shipments.

"They have looked around the world where can they get the best genetic source and the highest health standards in pigs," said Daniel Hurnik, a professor of swine health management at Charlottetown's Atlantic Veterinary College.

"They've been coming to Prince Edward Island because A: we've been working on our genetics and they are world-class pigs; and B: we're an island and we've been able to manage the health status of the pigs. And we're recognized as having the cleanest pigs in the world."

The pigs were trucked out of P.E.I. and are flying out of Chicago.