The P.E.I. Pharmacists Association hopes that by the fall of 2014 Islanders will be able to get flu shots at their local pharmacy.


Provinces where pharmacists can administer the flu shot have a higher vaccination rate, says Erin MacKenzie of the P.E.I. Pharmacists Association. ((CBC))

Executive director Erin MacKenzie told CBC News pharmacists in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are offering these injections now. She hopes new regulations, pending from the PEI government, will allow this here.

"People often aren't getting their flu shot. Well, why? 'Well, you know, I'd have to go get an appointment. I have to work all day.' Certainly the more people we can get the better."

"The numbers speak for themselves, for the number of people that have had their flu shot in these provinces that are now able to go to the pharmacies and get them."

MacKenzie said flu shots are only one of several health services Island pharmacists would like to be able to offer under an expanded scope of practice.

The health legislation to allow this has passed, but the Pharmacists Association is still waiting for specific provincial regulations outlining what they can and cannot do.

For mobile device users: Would you be more likely to get a flu shot if you could get it from the pharmacist?