Some people in Cornwall, P.E.I. have started a Facebook petition to save the transit system in the town.

The town council is somewhat divided on the value of the bus service. Some councillors question the wisdom of spending $75,000 a year on a service they believe isn't used by very many residents. Others say a bus system is valuable, and necessary, in a growing community and that in time more people will use it.

The issue was discussed at a recent council meeting. Peter Meggs, a councillor who favours keeping the bus system, said council is now waiting to see how two new trial runs work out.

Meggs is pleased to see residents voicing their opinions on the issue.

"I think anything that people who are supportive of public transit can do to persuade the people that make the decisions, I think it is always a good idea," he said.

"We struggle sometimes with ridership numbers, though they seem to have bottomed out and are climbing back up again."

Meggs said it will be a few more months before council has final numbers to indicate how the two new trial runs have been going.