A popular teacher and director at Colonel Gray High School is ending his career on a high note with his favourite musical.

Students at the school have been hard at work, perfecting Peter Pan in an effort to impress Peter Krauskopf.


Peter Krauskopf has directed nine of the school's productions. (CBC)

"He’s always wanted to do it," said Brynn Cutcliffe, who is playing the title character. "He’s finally getting to do it so I feel like we have to do it well for him."

Krauskopf is retiring at the end of this school year. He leaves behind a legacy of leading nine productions since 1997.

"I’m a musical nut," he said. "So, I think it’s lots of fun and I enjoy working with the kids just to see how much they enjoy getting into something many haven’t done before."

Pan takes flight

This grand finale is by far the most expensive production the school has ever attempted. It cost more than $60,000 to produce, mostly because they had to hire flying directors to teach five students how to take flight.

Krauskopf is confident his students will soar to the challenge as the show goes on this weekend.

"I really hope I’ve given kids a love of theatre. That’s my main goal."