A pilot project to improve the leadership skills of women on P.E.I. is looking for a small group with vested interests in their community.

Katharine MacDonald, project manager for the P.E.I. Business Women's Association, said the association is looking for about seven women for the pilot. It will be free, but only about seven applicants will be selected.

Weekly workshops

The program offers weekly workshops to hone leadership skills.

MacDonald said while women are fairly well represented on the Island, there are still areas of leadership that can feel out of reach.

"There are always ways representation can be improved, whether that's bringing younger women into organizational structures or whether that's making sure that they get above a management role, maybe into really like those kind of decision-making positions," she said.

Politics, business and culture

The sessions will focus on different themes like politics, business and culture.

She said the goal is for participants to recognize leadership qualities within themselves and apply them to real world situations.

The program is being funded by the Interministerial Women's Secretariat.