The friends and family of a couple grappling with cancer rallied together to put together a winter wedding ceremony with limited time to plan and a small budget.

Trevor and Charlotte Garland originally planned to get married this summer.

Charlotte, whose maiden name is Killorn, is fighting cancer. When she learned it had spread through her body, the couple decided to move the wedding to January — leaving them very little time to plan or save.


The couple had been dating three years and originally planned to get married this summer. (Nicole MacKay)

That's when wedding photographer Nicole MacKay got involved.

MacKay, who also works as a radiation therapist at the P.E.I. Cancer Treatment Centre, said she was touched by the couple's story.

"It kind of hit home with me a little harder, because it was both of my careers jumbled into one," she said.

MacKay waived her fees and brought two videographers on board to help capture the special day.


Charlotte Garland's wedding dress was made by her mother, Emily. (Nicole MacKay)

MacKay described the "perfect" winter wedding on her blog, writing that the couple decided against a diamond ring to cut down on costs, but Garland surprised his bride with a new diamond ring a week before the wedding.


Trevor Garland surprised his fiancée with a diamond ring. (Nicole MacKay)

"As Charlotte was telling me this story, chills were sent through my body. This is what we call true love," MacKay wrote.


The couple's family and close friends helped the couple pull off a special wedding day with a small budget and limited time for planning. (Nicole MacKay)

"Not only did Charlotte make such a gorgeous and glowing bride, but she is one of the strongest individuals I have ever met!"


The community banded together to help give the couple a dream wedding. (Nicole MacKay)

In a comment on the blog, mother of the bride Emily MacKay thanks the community for rallying around her daughter and son-in-law.

"We gained our strength, sought our prayers, made our commitments and engaged our community through the medium of Facebook!" she wrote.

"And the community responded beautifully!"

Nicole MacKay described the wedding as "one of the most beautiful I have ever been to."


Trevor and Charlotte Garland celebrated with a dance at the reception. (Nicole MacKay)

The Garlands gave CBC News permission to share their wedding story and photos, but said they'd rather not be interviewed right now.