Three brothers hosted a unique triple wedding in Slemon Park, P.E.I., this past Saturday.

"One of my brothers, David, has been engaged for a while, my other brother Robert was talking about becoming engaged, I reunited with a girl I knew from years ago, 25-30 years ago," explained Stephen DesRoches, one of the three brothers married.

"We all thought, well, we'll all get married and make a big triple wedding."

Planning the weddings

Being in different provinces made wedding planning a bit trickier than they thought, he said.

Stephen lives in Verner, Ont., Robert lives in North Bay, Ont., and David lives in Riverview, N.B.

They did most of their planning through conference calls, he added, and when the wedding finally came together they wouldn't be stopped by the wet weekend weather.

The three couples held their wedding, reception and pictures inside, all in one place, in Slemon Park on Saturday — though they did get a chance to sneak outside to snap a few photos when the rain drifted off.

Triple wedding

The three couples were all married in Slemon Park, P.E.I., on Saturday. (Submitted by Christine Genereux)

'It was quite an event'

DesRoches said it was exciting to be married alongside his two brothers.

"It was exciting, we all get along great — our family is very close."

During the wedding, each brother came out one at a time to meet their brides, DesRoches said, with each of them reciting their vows.

And then in one moment "we all kissed the bride at the same time."

"It was quite an event — it's definitely something we'll never forget."

With files from Mainstreet P.E.I.