A new private school that was on the brink of opening this fall in Breadalbane, P.E.I., has delayed its plan for a year. 

Waldorf education integrates subjects that are traditionally delivered in isolation — for instance math, English, and music and movement. Waldorf has schools all around the world — some that go up to high school. Children also learn life skills such as gardening and cooking.

Twenty children were registered, said Lynne Lund, who was helping to set up the school.

It was "a bit of a disappointment, but we are certainly still feeling good about it," she said.

'Great connection'

"We had a great connection made with the community of Breadalbane, their village council has been incredibly supportive."

The school had a temporary location in Breadalbane and carried out successful summer programming, Lund said.

Waldorf summer programming used space donated by the Breadlabane community

The new Waldorf school had already begun using space donated by the community of Breadalbane for its summer programming. (Waldorf Community of PEI/Facebook)

It was prepared to launch this fall with two classes — kindergarten and a mixed Grade 1 and 2 class. 

"Unfortunately our lead kindergarten teacher did have a family crisis in August and wasn't able to relocate," Lund said.

They couldn't find another teacher on short notice who had Waldorf training, she said, so decided to delay opening the school until fall 2018.

Seeking grants

The school is still looking at locating in Breadalbane and is now seeking grants to improve a space in the community, Lund said. 

Lund has two boys, ages four and seven, whom she is now home schooling.