SHAD, a summer learning program aimed at Canada's top high school students, is coming to UPEI.

'It really changed my life.' — Abby Hackett

UPEI will be one of 16 universities offering the in-residence program next July. The province is also putting up $28,000 to help P.E.I. students attend SHAD programs in other provinces.

"SHAD is one of a kind program. It really changed my life in so many ways," said Abby Hackett, who went to SHAD at Carleton University last summer and is now in grade 11 at Westisle High School, in a news release.

"It is great to hear that more students from P.E.I. will now have a chance to go and have an amazing summer of hands-on learning."

SHAD was founded in 1980 and 900 students participated last summer. They attended lectures and workshops and went on field trips led by local faculty and community leaders.

Participating universities include Dalhousie, Queens, Calgary and UBC.

The UPEI program will be based at the School of Sustainable Design Engineering, and include courses in robotics, aerospace and bioscience.