Tell a Joke Day is being celebrated around the world Wednesday, and listeners to CBC's Island Morning on P.E.I. joined in on the fun.

This joke is a favourite of four-year-old Owen Toms of Georgetown.

What do you call a cow with no legs?

Ground beef.

Or this from Twilah Stone.

Did you hear about the new French omelette restaurant that just opened in Charlottetown? The head chef makes amazing omelettes using only one egg.

Their slogan? One egg is an oeuf.

This joke from Ruth Richman has a two punchlines.

Q: What did the yogi say to the soy dog vendor at the ball game?

A: Make me one with everything.

After she received the dog she paid with a $20 bill. The vendor smiled. The yogi demanded, "Where's my change?"

The vendor replied, "Oh, one with everything. Change comes from within."

Nancy Rawson of Hunter River quipped

What do you call it when you put your grandmother on speed dial?


With files from Island Morning