'It just makes my heart so full': P.E.I. swimmer joins her mother as a Canada Games medallist

Alexa McQuaid joins her mother as a silver medallist for P.E.I. at the Canada Games

15-year-old Alexa McQuaid brought home the province's only medal this year

Katherine McQuaid, left, and her daughter Alexa McQuaid, right, have both won silver medals for P.E.I. at the Canada Games. (CBC)

It took Alexa McQuaid a few seconds to realize she would be standing on the podium for P.E.I. after finishing her Aug. 8 breaststroke race at the Canada Games.

Out of breath, she clued into what was happening around her as team P.E.I. cheered at her performance.

"I looked at the board, and it was really confusing, so it took like five seconds for me to realize I actually won a medal."

McQuaid's 33.48-second 50-metre performance scored her a silver medal, and later the designation of flag bearer for the province at the closing ceremony for the games. 

"I was really excited and proud to get a medal for P.E.I.," she told Island Morning on Wednesday.

Alexa McQuaid won silver in the 50-meter breaststroke. (Submitted by Alexa McQuaid)

Medals in the family

The 15-year-old from Charlottetown joins her own mother as a medalist for P.E.I. — Katherine McQuaid brought home a silver for the 100-metre freestyle in the 1985 Canada Games. 

When I got behind the block my nerves started to go away and I was just excited to swim.- Alexa McQuaid

For Katherine, the day was about more than the medal, however.

"Watching her walk to the block, nothing makes a parent more proud than seeing their child succeed at a goal they've been working on for a long time," she said.

Alexa said she was proud to reach her goal — last year she told Island Morning she wanted to win a medal at the games. 

Knowing she was close to that goal as she began her race, she said she felt her nerves slip away.

"When I was warming up I was really nervous," she said. "Then when I got behind the block my nerves started to go away and I was just excited to swim."

She said she wants to work on improving her personal best times as she trains this winter.

Alexa McQuaid served as Team P.E.I.'s flag bearer at the Canada Games closing ceremonies. (Submitted by Alexa McQuaid)

Katherine said she is thrilled about the unique experience she shares with her daughter.

"It's pretty special to be able to share that with my daughter," she said. "The pride in watching her get a silver medal the same as I have, it just makes my heart so full, and I couldn't be happier to share that with my daughter."