The super yacht Mondango 3 is attracting lots of attention at the Charlottetown Yacht Club this week.

It's 56.4 metres in length, just over 185 feet.

The Mondango 3 was built in New Zealand and launched in 2014.

Super yacht 3

The masts of the Mondango 3 catch the eye of visitors to the Charlottetown Yacht Club. (Nancy Russell/CBC)

The super yacht is available for charter, with room for 11 guests.

It even features a deck spa pool and a dining area.

Super yacht 2

The Mondango 3 dominates the dock at the Charlottetown Yacht Club. (Rick Gibbs/CBC)

Many sightseers on the Charlottetown waterfront are stopping to check out the yacht and look it up online.

"It's phenomenal, just wondering if it's a commercial vessel or a private vessel," Alison Gilmour said, a visitor from Oshawa, Ont.

Super yacht 1

The crew polishes up the Mondango 3 at dock in Charlottetown. (Rick Gibbs/CBC)

"Pretty amazing ship," added Gary Robinson, of Parry Sound, Ont.

"We have to make a really difficult decision whether we're going to rent it next summer," he said.

"I'm just kidding obviously."

The super yacht is listed online as being available for €196,000 to €224,000 per week — around $300,000 Canadian.