Summerside business owner opposes waterfront rezoning plans

Morris Caseley, a Summerside, P.E.I., business owner, is opposing a rezoning application that would allow potential construction of an apartment complex on the city's waterfront.

Potential apartment complex on the green space not 'harmonious' says business owner

The four-acre green space, located by Sunny's Dairy Bar, is a prime spot for 'considerable development' said Arnold Croken, general manager of the Summerside Regional Development Corporation, earlier this month. (Google Street View)

Morris Caseley, a Summerside, P.E.I., business owner, is opposing a rezoning application that would allow potential construction of an apartment complex on the city's waterfront.

The Summerside Regional Development Corporation (SRDC) owns the four-acre lot at 565 Water St., by Sunny's Dairy Bar, and applied to have the land rezoned into a high-density lot — allowing potential developers to construct an apartment complex.

"I am concerned about and oppose SRDC's rezoning request for a number of reasons," said Caseley, in a letter to mayor and council.

In the letter, Caseley presented three arguments to mayor and council regarding his opposition to SRDC's plans.

'Safety risk' 

Caseley's lawyer, Mike Ramsay, shared his client's concerns with council at the July 19 meeting and spoke with CBC earlier this morning.

"He's concerned that high-density usage of this property will involve increased vehicle traffic in the area," Ramsay said, and the potential "safety risk" during the summer months when more pedestrians are walking by the shore.

Caseley is also concerned, Ramsay added, about the "impact that a high-density residential development would have on the future use of Green Shore Park as a concert and events grounds."

Development not 'harmonious'

SRDC's general manager, Arnold Croken, said earlier this month that the rezoning would encourage "considerable development" on the green space. 

Considerable development, in the form of a large apartment complex, wouldn't be "harmonious," Ramsay said, with the other existing buildings in the area.

Council will debate the rezoning proposal at the next monthly meeting on Aug. 21.

With files from CBC Radio: Mainstreet P.E.I.