P.E.I. is settling in for a snow day at home with schools, offices and community centres closed — and police warning people to stay off the roads.

So the staff here at CBC P.E.I. put together a playlist of our favourite snow day songs to stave off the cabin fever.

In 1 2 3 4

Island Morning host Matt Rainnie says a little Latin flavour help him savour the snow.

He recommends Alex Cuba's In 1 2 3 4, featuring east-coaster David Myles.

"It'll get you dancing today, and it even helps you through the steps, because it's called 1 2 3 4,'" he says.


On snowy days, CBC News: Compass host Bruce Rainnie indulges both his love of Paul Simon and his love of the Muppet's with The Muppet Show's version of Kodachrome.

"It's brilliant. It can't help but make you feel great," he says.

Pull Me In

Mainstreet P.E.I. host Karen Mair is a big fan of the Island's own Paper Lions — their song Pull Me In is one of her go-to tracks for a blustery winter day.

"It's upbeat. It's not a downer song," she says.

She also loves the music video, which is set on a skating rink.

Summer Breeze

Kevin "Boomer" Gallant finds a way to "feel fine" on a blustery winter day with Seals and Crofts' Summer Breeze.

Soft Offering

The video for Hey Rosetta's Soft Offering is filmed on Fogo Island, Nfld., and features P.E.I.'s own Kinley Dowling on the drums.

Reporter Laura Chapin describes it as "the perfect moody piece to enjoy while you putter around your warm home, occasionally peering out to see how much snow has fallen."

If I Had A King

"We have a stack of vinyl records in our house we gave each other as Christmas gifts this year (and we still haven't had time to give each a spin). The stack includes the Rolling Stones, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen ... and Joni Mitchell," says reporter Kerry Campbell.

Campell received Joni Mitchell's debut album Song to a Seagull from his wife.

"It's an exquisite record and has become the most treasured in my collection. This is what I would have on the turntable today. It's perfect for a quiet day of rest and contemplation," he says.

Campbell suggests listening to the full album — but if you're just looking for one song, he recommends If I Had A King.

Song for a Winter's Night

Producer Sarah Keaveny Vos also gets reflective on a snowy day.

She recommends Sarah McLachlan's version of Gordon Lightfoot's Song for a Winter's Night.

"It is beautiful, soulful, haunting, powerful and makes you contemplate your place in the world," she says.

The Driver

Charles Kelley's The Driver is off his new solo album — but features country stars Dierks Bentley and Eric Paslay.

"I love it for the reason that the world hasn't found it yet — it's just starting to hit stride," says senior manager Jim Ferguson.

"Cool harmonies, a nice discovery of a trio of talent. A chance to let your mind escape the snow for four minutes."

Steal My Sunshine

Video-journalist Krystalle Ramlakhan doesn't let the snow steal her sunshine.

"On a snowy day I love when this song comes on. Len's Steal My Sunshine. It reminds me of summer and that maybe good weather isn't too far away," she says.


Reporter Lindsay Carroll also looks for an escape from the winter weather — through Vampire Weekend's Horchata.

"This puts a smile on my face because of the upbeat ska sound. It allows me to travel somewhere warm and far away from here, without leaving the house," she says.

Where the Streets Have No Name

Producer Sally Pitt loves listening to U2's Joshua Tree album on snowy days. 

She says Where the Streets Have No Name "also doubles as a great 'shoveling song' when you need some momentum to get through that snowy buildup!"

Born To Run

Producer Tracy Lightfoot is our resident Bruce Springsteen superfan — so her pick is no surprise.

"If you need motivation to get up and move today — and play a little air guitar — Born to Run is your best bet," she says.