A Catholic priest in Cornwall, P.E.I., is sporting a new haircut after following through on a challenge to his parish.

Father John Molina said if parishioners of St. Francis of Assisi raised $2,500 for the church, he would shave a design on the back of his head.

Molina said the money was raised with just one phone call from an unknown donor.

"Somebody called me anonymously and said, 'Well, I just want to give this donation to the parish and you get a haircut,'" Molina said.

Father John Molina shaves snowman in hair

Father John Molina, of Cornwall, P.E.I., shaved a snowman into his hair after challenging his parishioners to raise $2,500 for the church. (John Molina/Facebook)

So on Friday morning, he took a trip to the salon.

"It's a little snowman on the back of my head and there are some snowflakes, I think, and part of my white hair will help with that," he joked.

Molina said like many churches, St. Francis of Assisi struggles to find enough funds and the money will really help the church.

With files from Stephanie Kelly