A 31-year-old Charlottetown man behind the wheel of an out-of-control 2006 Porsche Cayman in March 2015 that created a stir on social media has been sentenced to 10 days in jail and a nine-month driving prohibition.

Steven Alton Green pleaded guilty to charges of dangerous driving under the Criminal Code of Canada in January. 

A driver with a dashcam caught the footage on the Malpeque Road at an intersection on the Charlottetown bypass and posted it on YouTube with the title Crazy PEI Driver. It has so far received almost two million views.

He appeared in a Charlottetown courtroom Tuesday afternoon before Provincial Court Judge Jeff Lantz who handed down the jail time and told Green he must also pay a $100 victim surcharge.

Steven Alton Green

Steven Alton Green of Charlottetown was sentenced to 10 days in jail and a nine-month driving prohibition for dangerous driving. (CBC)

The sentencing took only moments, since Green's lawyer Peter Ghiz and Crown prosecutor Jeff MacDonald had already agreed on an appropriate sentence to recommend to the judge.

"What's quite serious is there were two other vehicles that almost got hit by Mr. Green," MacDonald told CBC News after court adjourned.

"And you see Mr. Green's tire and wheel come off the vehicle and start rolling down the hill. And it could have hit another car. Despite the fact it's somewhat amusing, it is quite dangerous at the same time."

Wiener dog blamed 

After Green entered plea in January his lawyer Peter Ghiz explained to the judge what caused Green to lose control of the Porsche. It was Green's wiener dog that had been riding with him in the passenger seat of the Porsche.

Ghiz explained that the dog somehow wound up interfering with Green's driving, which ultimately led to the accident. 

Green didn't use that as an excuse though, and MacDonald said the video didn't lie -- Green was driving dangerously. 

Judge Lantz didn't say whether the explanation about the dog influenced his decision on sentencing. In fact, Lantz enunciated nothing else in court but Green's sentence. 

With files from Steve Bruce