All three elected provincial political parties in P.E.I. have announced the dates they will choose their candidates for an upcoming byelection.

Doug Currie resigned as MLA for District 11: Charlottetown-Parkdale Oct. 19.

The Progressive Conservative Party announced it will hold its nomination meeting Nov. 1, following the nomination meetings for both the Liberals and Greens — both of which will be held on Oct. 30.

According to the constitution of the P.E.I. Progressive Conservative Party, the party requires a cutoff date for signing up new members of three weeks before a nomination meeting is held.

However, that period can be reduced to 48 hours either after the election writ has been produced, or, in the case of a byelection, at the discretion of the party's election readiness officer.

The party said it did not have an election readiness officer in place until one was chosen at an executive meeting Tuesday night.

"I'm looking forward to our nomination and having a Progressive Conservative voice for the issues that matter to the people of Charlottetown-Parkdale joining our strong PC team in the Legislature," said newly minted PC Party Leader James Aylward in a news release.

The NDP, which does not currently hold a seat in the legislature, has said it has people interested in running for the party, and the issue will be decided in the next several weeks.

The byelection has yet to be called. Premier Wade MacLauchlan has six months from Currie's resignation to drop the writ.

With files from Kerry Campbell