Officials with P.E.I. National Park are reminding visitors that feeding any wildlife, in particular foxes, is illegal and harmful.

Parks Canada has been backing up that reminder this summer with fines. The minimum penalty for feeding wildlife in a national park is $275.

"We feel that people should not approach or entice wildlife in P.E.I. National Park or any national park or any protected area they go to," said P.E.I. National Park ecologist Paul Giroux.

"They need to store their food safely and not litter. Feeding wildlife, although a seemingly caring act, really does not help the wildlife in any instance. If wildlife's not doing well, nature will take care of that or officials will take care of that. People should not take it into their own hands."

Parks Canada has been keeping an eye on a fox on Robinson Island, which has been behaving unusually and they suspect has been fed.

With files from Noah Richardson