P.E.I. musicians get new space to rehearse

Moe Hashie and his wife Natalie opened The Rehearsal Spot in Summerside to give musicians a place to practice and record music.
The Rehearsal Spot is opened January 4th in Summerside. (Moe Hashie/Facebook )

After the death of his three-year-old son in January 2015, Moe Hashie knew where he needed to be: on his stool behind his drum kit finding the therapy he needed — and a new business idea too.

"I just felt that my son Andrew, who loved the drums — he just loved to sit on his daddy's knees and play the drums — I just felt that he would want me to continue."   

Hashie is no stranger to the music scene on P.E.I., playing in Edge and The Saul Good Band. He took four months off to care for Andrew at the IWK hospital in Halifax.  

"Immediately when I sat behind that drum kit, everything faded away," said Hashie.

"In part this rehearsal spot is a tribute to him." 

A space to let loose

The Rehearsal Spot, which opened on Jan. 4 in Summerside, is storage space that's been converted into a room any musician would covet. It offers instruments, amplifiers, and a sound system, along with all the mics and wires to get a band hooked up and ready to play.

The Rehearsal Spot offers most of the equipment a band would want, including the chance to record music. (Moe Hashie/Facebook)

Hashie remembers losing his own practice spot when he moved into a duplex in Summerside.  

"I didn't have a space to rehearse or I wasn't living in the country anymore, and I started thinking [about] people in apartments or teachers that want to give teach private lessons," he said.

"It's important to just have a space where you know you're not bothering anyone, and to just be kind of able to let loose and go at it."

Bands are lining up to use the space, and Hashie and his wife Natalie said even those who don't play instruments have taken note of the new business. 

"I actually got an email from a young man from the Wellington area who is graduating as a studio engineer, who asked if he could be of use."   

The Hashies are holding an open house at The Rehearsal Spot this Saturday from 2 until 4 p.m. 

Hashie converted a storage space into a rehearsal room for local musicians. (Moe Hashie/Facebook)


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