Showcase PEI 2017 wraps up Wednesday after giving Island artists the chance to make a good first impression on delegates in the music industry from across North America.

Artists are given 20 minutes to perform for all the delegates and have been on stage at venues across the Island closing out the event at St. Mary's Church in Indian River.

Brad Madison, from Mongrel Music in California said he has been impressed by what he's seen so far.

"My impression is that everyone on Prince Edward Island can sing."

'Pretty impressed'

Madison, along with James Leslie of Skyline Artist Agency, had never been to Showcase PEI before.

"For years I have had colleagues in the U.S. tell me about what goes on up here," Madison said.

"They always have told me how great it has been, how much fun they've had, great music they've experienced."

'This is their best opportunity throughout the year to reach such a wide group of people.' - Steve Love

Leslie wasn't expecting much when he arrived but has since learned his lesson.

"I came here with very little expectations in the beginning," he said.

"We did have another agent last year who attended who told me that I was actually in for a treat and I shouldn't be so wide-eyed because people were going to floor me at every showcase and I have been pretty impressed by what I've seen here."

'Best opportunity'

Steve Love, office and program manager at Music PEI, said that Island artists are getting a great networking opportunity through the event.

"This is their best opportunity throughout the year to reach such a wide group of people," he said.

"Not only are we giving the artists a good opportunity here to talk with people that are going to give them work. They're also talking to people who are just having a good time."

With files from CBC: Mainstreet P.E.I.