Debbie Misener hasn't been short on artistic inspiration lately after seeing what is believed to be a dolphin swimming the Hillsborough River in Mount Stewart, P.E.I.

Misener, the owner of Red House Art Gallery, was notified by neighbours that she should grab her paints and head down to the water to see the animal swimming through the waterway.

Misener notified Fisheries and Oceans Canada, which confirmed its officers will monitor the situation daily to ensure the animal is safe.

A statement from the department said the animal is believed to be a white-sided dolphin, which is not a species at risk, and it also doesn't believe the animal is injured or in any trouble.

It reminded the public that it's illegal to harass or disturb marine mammals — including feeding them or approaching them.

'Hopefully it will be a happy ending'

"He doesn't seem to be under any stress and there doesn't appear to be any injury," she said.

"He's just hanging out, he actually even posed for the DFO when they took a picture of him."

Katerina Georgieva/CBC

Debbie Misener and her neighbours have spotted the dolphin swimming the Hillsborough River for several days. (Katerina Georgieva/CBC)

Best case scenario, Misener said, is that the animal goes out with the tide and eventually migrates south to warmer waters.

 If it can't find his way out, she said, then DFO will have to go back and take him back to the ocean.

"Hopefully it will be a happy ending," she said.

With files from Katerina Georgieva