Women's employment income in Canada is just 71 per cent of men's, whereas Island women are making 81 per cent of what Island men make.

Much of that can be attributed to men's employment income lagging behind the national average.

Median Canadian employment incomes for 2015 were released by Statistics Canada last week. The income numbers include wages, salaries and self-employment income.

They show a median Canadian income of $33,670, while on the Island it is just $26,950.

Median employment income, 2015
P.E.I. Canada
Both sexes $26,950 $33,670
Men $30,090 $39,960
Women $24,230 $28,630

The P.E.I. median income has been growing versus the national average. It's not 80 per cent of the national average. In 2006 it was 73 per cent.