P.E.I.'s Martha MacIsaac has roles in two movies that premiered last weekend at the Toronto International Film Festival — Unicorn Store with Brie Larson and Battle of the Sexes with Steve Carell and Emma Stone.

The 33-year-old MacIsaac came to fame as a child, starring in the made-in-P.E.I. Emily of New Moon on CBC Television. She's also known for her star turn in Superbad (2007), which shot her friend Stone to fame, and lately in The Pinkertons historic television drama. She also voices characters on the animated Family Guy.

'There is a unicorn store involved, and Samuel L. Jackson may or may not be a unicorn salesman!' — Martha MacIsaac

"It was incredible — I had a small part in a big movie," MacIsaac said of Battle of the Sexes, the story of the famous 1973 tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.

"To get to be on sets like that is always so much fun, and there's so much talent around." 

In Battle, MacIsaac plays Jane "Peaches" Bartkowicz, a female tennis player who was one of what was dubbed "the original nine" who formed the Women's Tennis Association. 

Unicorn Store

'It's a very imaginative, quirky, interesting movie,' says Martha MacIsaac (far right) of Unicorn Store, which she helped launch at TIFF last weekend. The movie stars Brie Larsen (second from right). (Sam Santos/Getty Images for Nespresso)

"I actually got to meet her at the premiere which was really cool," enthused MacIsaac. "She's got six Olympic medals and won Wimbledon as a teenager and is just this incredible woman. It was such an honour." 

MacIsaac and Stone are close friends, and MacIsaac said it was "pretty special" to go to work every day and watch her perform on set.

Storyline under wraps

In Unicorn Store, MacIsaac plays someone who works with Brie Larson's character — but that's all she would say.

"It's a very imaginative, quirky, interesting movie," she said. "There is a unicorn store involved, and Samuel L. Jackson may or may not be a unicorn salesman!" 

Unicorn Store not only stars Larson but is also her feature-length directorial debut. 

Unicorn Store's Martha MacIsaac on female-led movie productions0:41

"She made it look easy, which I'm sure it was not," MacIsaac said.

MacIsaac makes her home in Los Angeles, and had never attended TIFF, even though she lived and worked in Toronto for several years.

"To go back to my old stomping grounds and to have two films in the festival is a really special experience," MacIsaac said. 

"To get to go and be back with those people celebrating the movies we made is an embarrassment of riches." 

Road trip to P.E.I.

MacIsaac reflected on her longevity in the entertainment business — the recent 10-year anniversary of Superbad made her feel "officially old," she said with a laugh.


'I had a small part in a big movie,' says Martha MacIsaac of her part in Battle of the Sexes, starring her close friend Emma Stone. (Geoff Robbins/AFP/Getty Images)

"It's been over 20 years since Emily and now 10 years since Superbad, so it's pretty crazy!"

Battle of the Sexes hits selected theatres this weekend, while there's no release date yet for Unicorn Store.    

MacIsaac, who did a 14,000-kilometre road trip from Los Angeles to P.E.I. and back this summer with her boyfriend and their two dogs, is now home in L.A. auditioning for new gigs.