'Highly intoxicated' Summerside man plucked from city sewer

A 19-year-old Summerside, P.E.I., man got drunk and found himself in the sewers early Friday morning.

19-year-old short on details when questioned by police

The man was stuck in a manhole, like the one pictured, when police arrived, says Summerside Police Cpl. Jason Blacquiere. (Shutterstock / Peter Gudella)

A "highly intoxicated" 19-year-old man says he can't remember how he ended up in a sewer in Summerside, P.E.I., early Friday morning, police say.

Around 1:16 a.m., Summerside Police responded to a call from a passerby who saw the man stuck in a manhole on Arcona Street.

When police arrived they had no idea what to make of the scene, said Cpl. Jason Blacquiere

"We really aren't quite sure what happened at this point.

[There] might have been some horseplay involved.- Cpl. Jason Blacquiere

"The person who was in the manhole was not offering a whole lot of explanation, which kind of leads us to believe [there] might have been some horseplay involved."

The man was too stuck to get out on his own, so officers hauled him out from his arms, Blacquiere said.

He said the man, who is from the Summerside area, was "highly intoxicated" and couldn't provide any answers as to how he got in the predicament.

"He said he couldn't remember what happened — we're assuming there was something other than falling into an open hole," Blacquiere said.

With files from Laura Chapin