Islanders will soon be able have a beer while they get their hair cut at P.E.I.'s Humble Barber. The shop received word Monday that after three years of lobbying, it will be allowed to apply for a liquor licence to serve alcohol to customers.

'It feels overdue but it feels very good to get this.' — Sean Aylward

P.E.I.'s finance minister hand-delivered the news to Monday to Humble Barber owner Sean Aylward in Summerside.

"You are presenting, here, an experience and I think going forward this is going to be an inclusive experience along with a liquor licence," MacDonald told Aylward.

"As a former economic development minister I'm certainly here to eliminate as many impediments as possible. So, congratulations!" MacDonald said, shaking Aylward's hand. 

'It feels overdue'

MacDonald said P.E.I.'s Liquor Act is "outdated," and a change in regulations will allow the licence.

Sean Aylwad

Aylward expects to start serving alcohol next week at Humble Barber locations in Summerside and Charlottetown. (CBC)

Alyward plans to offer beer and liquor, much of it locally brewed, in addition to hair cuts and shaves at his two locations — Summerside and Charlottetown. 

"It feels proper," said Aylward after receiving the news. "It feels overdue but it feels very good to get this." 

Already hiring more staff

The shops were recently inspected by the fire marshal, Aylward said, and his employees have taken responsible server training from Holland College..

The regulation changes come into effect Saturday. The Humble Barber expects to start serving alcohol next week.

Aylward believes the shop will become busier as a result, and he's already planning to hire more staff. He now has three full-time employees at each location.

Eight provinces allow liquor to be sold in hairdressing establishments, MacDonald said. 


  • This story previously stated Humble Barber staff took responsible server training from the province. In fact, it took the training at Holland College.
    Feb 13, 2018 9:31 AM AT