It's almost time to lace up the skates and tape the hockey sticks central P.E.I. residents, a new outdoor rink is on the way.

A group of volunteers pushing for an outdoor rink in Kinkora, P.E.I., are rejoicing after council recently approved $10,000 in funding to set up a new ice surface in the small community.

The money, which comes from the community's gas tax rebate, will help set the plan to build a skating rink behind the fire hall and Kanata Club in motion.

Kinkora resident Janet Payne organized a team of volunteers to make the case to council and said the funding will allow them to start Phase 1 on Tuesday night, pegging off the land for the rink.

'This would not have been possible without those 12 who volunteered their time.' —Janet Payne

"Phase 1 is fairly basic, that means we would have a 90 by 70 size rink and it would be a clay base with a berm perimeter — so no boards all the way around, but we'd need boards at either end just to prevent the pucks from shooting off into nowhere," Payne said.

They'd also like to have lighting and a hydrant for flooding the ice, she added.

Phase 2 of the project would begin after the spring melt, when the group would look for the rink to be a permanent fixture in the community.

'Good timing'

But for now, Payne is just thinking about getting the rink up and running.

The community will also soon have their 12 young volunteers back from school to help bring the project to life.


The rink will be located behind the Kanata Club and fire hall in the small community of Kinkora. (Getty Images/Hero Images)

"This would not have been possible without those 12 who volunteered their time…. It really is good timing in the sense that many of these volunteers are in college and university and their Christmas vacation is coming up," she said.

"They think if they'll have a good few weeks of cooperative weather they could get a really good base on that rink but it all depends on Mother Nature."

She said she hopes to see the rink go up as soon as possible and is aiming for sometime in January, depending on the weather.

With files from Laura Chapin