Musician Joshua Arran has returned to the country of his birth to get his songs to as many ears as possible.

Arran was raised on P.E.I. but born in Scarborough in North Yorkshire, England. It is part of Arran's dream to pursue doing what he loves best, playing his music, and he's doing a lot of it.

"I fill my afternoons busking in the street," he said.

"I'm spending all my time just promoting my music just as best as I can. I spend every night either doing a show or finding an open mic."

And recording too

Arran is finding lots of opportunities to play. He is based in Hull, England, which is the U.K.'s city of culture in 2017.

He has also recorded seven or eight songs while in England over the last two months.

Arran will be back on P.E.I. next month, and will continue to play almost immediately. He has a show booked at Baba's in Charlottetown on Sept. 12.