The number of jobs on P.E.I. grew again in April, even as more people entering the workforce pulled up the unemployment rate.

There were 800 more jobs in April as compared to March. At the same time, however, another 1,000 Islanders entered the workforce, driving up the unemployment rate from 10.1 per cent to 10.3 per cent.

March April
Jobs on P.E.I.
Labour force 80,900 81,900
Employment 72,700 73,500
Full-time employment 62,000 62,300

After losses in 2016, a jobs recovery began in November. April's performance was the strongest in the generally upward trend of the last six months.

Full-time jobs, which fell below 60,000 last June and remained there the rest of the year, have been above 61,000 all through 2017.