Many visitors to the Island stop at the Borden-Carleton Marine Rail Historical Park — to take in the history of the Island, or enjoy the view of the Confederation Bridge.

But Dean Sexton, mayor of Borden-Carleton, P.E.I., wants to encourage Islanders to stop as well. He told Jay Scotland one of the selling points is that you can actually put your hand against the cement of the bridge.

Jay at the Borden-Carleton Marine Rail Historical Park1:31

Scotland took him up on the offer.

"They tend to frown on that, by the way — if you stop on the bridge, get out, and try to touch the bridge," Scotland joked. 

"You can do it here at any time," said Sexton.

In memory of ferry, rail workers

Before the space was a park, it used to hold big tanks of fuel for the ferries that ran across the strait.

Jay Borden-Carleton

The park includes a ferry for kids to play on, as well as a lighthouse and a memorial to ferry and rail workers. (Randy McAndrew/CBC)

When the bridge was built, the marine workers thought it would be nice to turn the space into a park. The park is a memorial to the ferry and railway workers of P.E.I.

It's located at 41 Borden Ave.