Island musicians are rallying behind one of their own this week, holding a benefit concert for Maxine Maclennan, who was in a car accident three weeks ago that left her in hospital.

Maclennan has been in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown since the accident, which left her with a broken sternum, broken ankle and fractured vertebrae.

She is a part of the band Treble with Girls, whose members have organized the benefit for her.

Maxine Maclennan benefit concert

Sheila MacKenzie, left, and Jolee Patkai are organizing a benefit concert for fellow Treble with Girls bandmate Maxine Maclennan, who was injured in a car accident three weeks ago. (Angela Walker/CBC)

"She's been in the music industry since she was a teenager and she's given so much," Jolee Patkai said. "We all need help now and then, but we don't like to ask for it. We love to give but it's a little harder to receive sometimes but in this case we're just taking it out of her hands, we want to help her.

Patkai and fellow bandmate Sheila MacKenzie noted Maclennan won't be able to return to work for a while, her husband has had to take time off to care for her and they will have to make her home more accessible to accommodate her recovery.

'Super Woman'

"Her first reaction was 'oh my goodness, a benefit for me, I never would have thought that,' because she always says every time she's asked — and she will bend over backwards to get to a benefit concert if she can be there — she always says you never know when it's going to be you," Mackenzie said. "And oddly enough, we had just done a benefit for another fellow musician the week before and within the week, then it was for her."

Maxine Maclennan benefit concert 2

The benefit concert for Maclennan is being held on Friday, Dec. 15, at the Montague Regional High School. (Submitted)

The benefit will take place Friday at Montague Regional High School from 7-9 p.m. in the cafeteria and feature Courtney Hogan-Chandler, The Chaisson Trio, Richard Wood, Hal Bruce and Jon Matthews. The event will be recorded so Maclennan can watch it from the hospital.

"It was about a week or so before they determined everything that was broken or fractured … and all her breaks were clean so she didn't need any surgery," Patkai said.

"Her doctor thinks she was a miracle, so she's been called Super Woman."

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