The P.E.I. Invasive Species Council and other Island environmental groups have developed an app to collect more data about invasive species on the Island.

Megan Harris, executive director of Island Nature Trust and a member of the invasive species council, said gathering more detailed data across the Island will help groups to fight those species.

Megan Harris, executive director, Island Nature Trust

Using the app, the public can help the P.E.I. Invasive Species Council respond more quickly, says Megan Harris. (Krystalle Ramlakhan/CBC)

The council is recruiting the public to download a mobile app designed specifically for use on the Island. P.E.I. Nature Tracker allows people to take photos of any plants or animals they come across, and share it to a map.

"There are targeted invasive species that are not widespread on the Island yet, that we have some hope that we can control and in some cases eradicate before it gets really established," said Harris.

"Anyone who has that app can post a photo and information about a location for something that they think is that invasive [species], and we can respond much more quickly to establish whether it actually is, and then do something about it."

The app was developed last year, and originally focused on tracking green snakes. The group is now expanding the focus of the app to track all wildlife, including invasive species.


  • An earlier version of this story explained the app was originally focused on tracking green snakes and is now being expanded to track all invasive species. The green snake is not invasive. The app is intended to track all wildlife, including invasive species.
    Mar 27, 2017 9:56 AM AT
With files from Sarah MacMillan